You have spent your entire night trying to be your sexiest, so it is important that you do not do anything that may ruin your chances of having some fun at the end of the night. It is more important that you do not do anything to ruin the fun of others.

So with that in mind, here are some tips to guide you on the “do’s and don’ts” of the playroom.

Personal Hygiene

If you have arrived at the beginning of the night nice and fresh and you haven’t gotten sweaty from dancing all night, then you do not necessarily have to take a shower before you enter the playroom. However, if you are sweaty from dancing, please be courteous enough to clean yourself up with a shower and remove any trace of body odor before you try to interact with others in the playroom.

Ask Before Touching

Due to the openness of the environment and the friendliness of the people, it is easy to assume that it is a free for all and you can grab and touch anyone or anything. Well, this is a warning to you (especially to the men); you will be asked to leave the club if you infringe on other peoples personal space. Never make assumptions, always be sure by asking first and remember NO MEANS NO!

It’s also important to pay attention to other people’s body language, to make sure someone really means yes and not just saying s because they feel pressured by the situation. Also never assume that the permission to do one thing, means it’s ok to do anything else.

When you choose to do something with another person in the playroom that is not your partner, please ensure that prior consent is given.

Never Open a Closed Door/Curtain

There are a lot of exhibitionists in the lifestyle, and it’s normally easy to identify whom those people are. They will position themselves conveniently for others to watch and see, often by leaving a playroom door open with just the chain across, meaning they are inviting others to watch them. There are others however who would like to have fun without anyone watching them. One of the most serious rule infringements you will ever make at Club Whispers is to open a closed door/curtain without an invitation to do so.

So please, never open closed doors/curtains when it is obvious the room is occupied. Do not open a door/curtain and just stand there uninvited. You will normally receive a warning for a first offence and if you persist and do it a second time, you will almost certainly be asked to leave the club.

Personal Grooming

If you are intending to play with others, the general preference is that you come nicely groomed. Some people may still have a thing for a “bit of bush”, it may even be your personal preference. However, giving up a little bit of pubic hair for an amazing party is not such a bad trade-off. It may or may not be an issue, but we suggest that “when In doubt, shave”.

No Bi-Sexual Assumptions

Clearly, there are a lot of bi-sexual or bi-friendly men and women in the lifestyle. If that is what you are looking for, then you will definitely find it. However, while most women tend to be okay with another woman touching them, perhaps kissing them and even going a little further in the heat of the moment, males should not take such an assumption from another male as lightly.

Males should avoid any unnecessary contact with other males unless it was discussed and mutually agreed prior.

Ladies, it is not as serious on your side, but asking the other female is she is bi-sexual or bi-friendly before making any moves is certainly correct etiquette. The experience is always much better when everyone is comfortable and not surprised by being put on the spot.

So if you are newbie and have never been to a club or in a group playroom before, please follow these tips to make sure your first experience is not your last. For all the seasoned lifestyle couples who have developed any of the above habits, please change them immediately.

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