An Elegant and Very Sexy Soirée….…Defined by Many as a Life Changing Experience.

It is normal for you to be nervous the first time you go to a lifestyle club. We’ve all been there. If you’re new to the lifestyle, or even a little curious and want to check it out, it is difficult to imagine what our club is like, difficult to imagine and feel the edgy atmosphere but once you’ve been to one of our wicked parties, we bet you’ll be hooked, barely able to contain your excitement about coming back again.

Playing so openly with others brings a special type of contentment and improves one’s self-confidence that you will carry with you into your everyday life. We say it brings a special type of contentment, it is so special because you’re both in it together and no-one’s is being betrayed or feeling guilty.

It normally is and we certainly hope yours is, a positive and life changing experience that helps in further bonding your relationship.

Before The Party

As a couple – it is recommended that you work out beforehand your expectations regarding playing with others. Are you planning to play whilst at the club, or prefer to meet and make arrangements to go elsewhere (home, hotel etc). If so, are you planning to meet another couple and swap partners? Or are you planning to venture off, each person on their own, to join others separately? We recommend you engage in an open and very honest discussion among yourselves as to what your wishes and plans are.

Please always remember, there is nothing that says you must play just because you are in a lifestyle club, equally its ok for you to change your mind too. Some people just want to use their first occasion to check things out without any pressure to play with others.

If you’re coming as a couple – it is perfectly fine if you decide not to join in with another couple or a group scene and only play with each other. New couples will often take this approach as having sex alongside others doing the same is a liberating experience in itself.

There are also those couples who are only too keen to start playing with others, and others who come into swinging primarily to satisfy the female partner’s bisexual needs. It’s all good.

Anything that happens on a sexual level is entirely up to those involved, women are always in control and a simple gesture is all that’s needed to fend off any unwanted advances. Nothing sexual is required or expected of anyone.

A comprehensive list of Party Rules & Guidelines can be found here.

Once You’re Inside

Our parties are classy, exclusive and well managed. Once you’re inside the club, our parties kick off as an elegant Sexy Soirée with guests mingling around in the nightclub and beer garden, drinking, dancing and chatting, meeting old friends and making new ones.

At your first-ever event it’s always a good idea to tell members that this is your first time. Club members are typically protective of new members and will help you through your first experience. 

So It Kicks Off as a Classy Party… Then What?

As people get to know each other they’ll start showing interest towards potential partners. Once two people, a couple, or more “hit it off” with another person or couple they simply invite the others into a private room. This can be done directly (“would you like to go somewhere more private?”) or non-verbally, with a smile and a head gesture. If you’re interested, follow the other person or couple to the other room. If you’re not interested, you can simply decline.

Once in a private room guests start playing with each other, often quickly, but always respecting the other person’s or couple’s boundaries. Don’t forget that you can always change your mind and ask the other person to stop doing whatever he or she is doing. No always means No! 

Dress to Impress… & Undress

Unless specified, our parties are not fetish parties but exclusive gatherings of the scene’s most attractive and classy couples and single ladies (and a limited number of single gents as detailed elsewhere on this website). 

Everybody should present themselves pursuant to our Dress Code.

Taking the Plunge

Ready to join the Gold Coast’s sexual elite?

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