Some Fetishes Are Very Tame & then there are others? 

Many lifestyle couples have experimented with some form of light S&M. Some do it for sexual pleasure, not pain, but with most S&M it is pain you are inflicting. Many couples have inflicted some form of pain on their partner, but it is important that it is informed, consensual, safe and voluntary. Never abuse your partner and keep within their limits. 

Fetishes can include simple things like dress, body part obsessions, pain and many more.

We will try to introduce a few of the more common fetishes that you might have overheard or read about at some point. Many people have toe fetishes, cross dressing, gang bangs, inflicting pain or humiliation to name a few. Most fetishes refer to the sexual arousal and pleasure through use of non-sexual objects, actions or non-genital anatomy. 

Golden Showers or Water Sports! 

This is not something you see everyday!

But for some couples it is very erotic and a huge turn on. 

Some people just love to get pissed off. Others like to tell their friends at work that they had friends over for the weekend and their friends just pissed on them all weekend long. Even when you tell the truth, people will not believe you! 

The Pain Factor

Some people get very turned on to pain!

If they are tied up, being submissive to a new DOM all the better in their opinion! 
Many endorphins are released when pain is inflicted.

Do You Watch The Hidden Cams?

Some Fetishes Include Voyeurism. 

Do you have spy cameras in your friends bedroom? 

Many people get off on just watching others perform.

The sex industry on the internet is cashing in on this form of sexual satisfaction. 

EVERY swinger is a Voyeur to some degree, but swingers do not appreciate couples attending swing events to sit back and watch the show. 


Fist Fucking Is an Erotic Treat for Some 

Some ladies love the extra pain and pleasure.

Be careful to remove all jewellery and watches first! 

Fetish Clothing 

Most Fetishes deal with clothing and dressing up in something HOT!

Some outfits can be very revealing and others are not, it all depends what turns you on. 
Halloween is a great event for swingers to let their hair down and dress up.

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