Do you get jealous if your partner is looking at the opposite sex? If you do, how do you think you will handle seeing your partner have intercourse or play sexually with a new partner? For the most part, jealousy is very healthy, but too much of it can be a huge problem in the lifestyle. The biggest secret of handling jealousy is to discuss all the possibilities that might come up and usually do. By reading some of our examples, you will get a very good idea of the situations that will come up in the lifestyle.

Many couples think that they are not jealous until they see their partner acting or enjoying themselves in a totally different way than they have done with you before. We see this happen often at clubs and parties, where we hear the comment that, you never did that for me before, you never made those noises with me before, you never told me you were Bi etc.

There are a few simple and logical reasons why this happens your first time out. Most couples get involved in swinging after being together for some time. When couples only play with the same partner for many years, things can get very routine and you start looking for something to spice up your good relationship by entering the swingers lifestyle.

When you plan your first outing to a club or private get together, you want to put on your best side by showering, cleaning up, fresh breath, clean clothes etc. This desire to put on your best side or show, also carries itself into the bedroom or any play area where you want the new partner to be totally excited with you and you are excited about letting your hair down and having the time of your life! 

So many couples are so excited during their first experience with a new partner or couple that they let many of their inhibitions loose and even try many new things that are daring and exciting that they may never have tried with their partner.

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