Most people getting into or thinking about the lifestyle are very nervous! Being nervous is normal. You are not alone if you think you are too young, too old, too fat, too skinny, too short, too tall or not able to keep up with other sexually active couples, etc. 

Everyone feels self-conscious about some part of their body, age or performance and thinks, "How can I compete with other males or females, if they all look like the pictures on the Internet?" It is a very fair and reasonable question. Reality though, is a great leveler for those who think too high of themselves and others who have doubts about their looks or performance. Swingers come in every age, size, shape, colour, etc that you could imagine.

The majority of couples in the lifestyle would never dream of having their pictures taken, let alone posted on the internet! Many of our members and others in the lifestyle have sensitive jobs or are well known in the community. Most pictures of couples or singles on the internet are paid professionals or paid amateurs with a few voyeurs thrown in for good measure.

All of us are human and all the rules of aging, gravity, child birth, operations, accidents, occupation and many more apply to all of us in some way or another. No one person is perfect and all these differences in age, size, shape, colour, religion, performance, attitude and much more is the spice that makes swinging so much fun. If all of us looked and performed the same, life and sex could get very boring.

Some couples will advertise for the perfect couple. When they find the perfect looking couple, they usually find that something lacks in attitudes or sexual performance. Looks are important for sexual attraction, but everyone is attracted by different shapes, moods, smells etc. just to name a few. Every couple has something different to add to the swinging lifestyle and if they are open and adventurous they will receive a great deal of fun from it.

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