Many people get confused between nudists and naturists. There is a close relationship with nudity, but some lifestyle clubs, have a large difference to the types of activities that take place and who can attend. Some nudist or naturist organizations do not want mixed lifestyle groups attending their events. Many lifestyle swingers also assume that all nudist or naturist organizations are planned for the swing lifestyle. Many nudists and naturists love to share their love of nudity with the sun or nature, but not anything sexual. There are many swingers that are also nudists or naturists.


A lifestyle in which people meet (in the nude) to secure the benefit of sunlight on their exposed bodies. Some lifestyle couples or swingers are nudists, but not all nudists are swingers. Many families practice nudism. Many people can be nudists at a beach, but feel totally uncomfortable shedding their clothes at every day events, like shopping, eating dinner, visiting museums etc. (places in public). 


A resort or meeting place of nudists, the practitioners of nudism. 


Naturism is a social activity that appeals to men, women and children of all ages. Naturism is for all the family. Naturists will take vacations together at ski resorts, summer camps and many more organized events around the world (without clothes). Most naturists would be upset at the site of seeing another naturist or any person getting sexually aroused at the site of someone in the nude. Since Naturism is for the whole family and all ages, you will not see any photos on naturist web sites of sexually aroused people or any sexual positions or activity. Naturism is a way of life, not part of a sexual lifestyle like swinging. Swingers resorts are for adults only and are designed around a sexual nature, but naturist resorts are for all ages and are designed around the whole family in a non-sexual, but day to day activities without clothes. 

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