Getting into the lifestyle is far easier for single females than it is for their male counterparts.

It is perfectly normal to have lots of unanswered questions floating about in your mind and each one of those unanswered questions deserve honest and factual answers. The better informed you are as a single, the more fun you will have in the lifestyle, notwithstanding it will also hopefully help you to avoid making any of the common mistakes many people do make.

The majority of couples and singles in the lifestyle are honest, hardworking people with families. But in any organisation you have a handful of couples and singles that are dishonest and will go to extreme measures to get what they want. Hopefully you will not bump into dishonest people, but we will provide you with some of the warning signs to look out for and some recommended precautions that are extremely helpful.

QUESTION: How can I join your club or other swinger clubs? I am a single male and want to attend your club. I enjoy sex a lot and consider myself open-minded and a player. 

ANSWER: Please refer to the page titled Single Men for more details on how to join Club Whispers.

Club Whispers is essentially a club for Couples and Single Women, with a strictly limited number of single men permitted to attend some of our parties. 

Unfortunately, for men to attend most lifestyle clubs in Australia, they have to find a partner that is open to the swingers lifestyle beforehand and join and/or attend parties as a couple.

We recommend you advertise for a female partner that enjoys sex as much as you and would be interested in exploring the swinging lifestyle together. You should always be honest in your ad. There are a number of couples that are very active in the swinging lifestyle and for one reason or another such as a death, divorce, break-up etc. this person or couple are looking for a new partner.

You might also be very surprised how many single females are looking for the same thing you are. Something you need to be aware of though, is it can sometimes be very difficult to prove you are single and not a married male looking for sex outside of marriage. Many women in the swinging lifestyle are also bi, this is a great HINT if you are searching out for a compatible partner for the swinging lifestyle.

Casual Sex Contacts Australia can help match you up with other couples and singles. We suggest you start your search by visiting  

On some occasions we have couples requesting a gang bang for the lady. It takes more planning than people think. Having a membership base of interested males is helpful for this fantasy to be fulfilled.

Please note for the parties where Club Whispers does permit a limited number of single males to attend, only those single males that are members of Club Whispers are considered. A Single Male cannot attend a Club Whispers party/event as Non-Member at anytime whatsoever. Membership is not available to Single Males at the door. Single males should refer to the page titled Single Men for more details on how to join Club Whispers.

QUESTION: How can I join Club Whispers? I am a single female who wants to attend your club. I am bi, enjoy sex a lot and consider myself open-minded and a player.

 ANSWER: Bi women are always welcome and fit in very well at Club Whispers. Many couples already know a single bi lady or ladies that they have been with for threesomes. Extra females at swinger’s parties never cause a problem since many women in the lifestyle are bi. 

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