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    Female ejaculation, or squirting, is everywhere in porn. But is it a reality?

    Yes! It can be, if you’re set up a certain way and know how to work with your body. But, it’s not possible for everyone, and it’s not always associated with an orgasm.

    Female orgasm and female ejaculation are NOT the same thing. They are totally different processes. They can, rarely, occur at the same time, but usually women only experience one or neither (gasp!). I’ve often tried to explain the difference, and teach people about female ejaculation versus orgasm – but there’s so much misinformation out there, and lots of anecdotal and video “evidence” – but not a lot of facts to back it up.

    So, I’m going to clear up some myths, and get into the nitty gritty of female ejaculation.

    Put on your raincoats, because we’re getting wet.

    Debunking the Myths

    There are couple of myths surrounding female orgasm and squirting. My favourite one is that female orgasm and squirting are both the same thing. (They’re not.) Many people also assume that every woman can do it if she knows how, if she practices enough, o if a guy “does it right”. Another myth that has some very strong opinions is that female ejaculation is actually urinating. Also #untrue. It’s also assumed that women who ejaculate have more pleasure. Hmm…

    So where does the truth lie? Let’s learn!

    What is Female Ejaculation?

    So many times I’ve had a partner use the wrong vocabulary to try to say, “You’re going to have an awesome orgasm!”. To clear up the confusion, I have this announcement: female ejaculation and female orgasm are NOT the same thing! 

    An orgasm is, for both genders, “a physical reflex, usually a pleasurable one, when the muscles that were tightened during sexual arousal relax and the body returns to its pre-arousal state. During sexual arousal there is increased blood flow to the genitals and tensing of muscles throughout the body and particularly in the genitals. Orgasm reverses this process through a series of rhythmic contractions.”

    An penile ejaculation is the “abrupt discharge of fluid”. We are taught about penile ejaculation from an early age because it’s very common. When a person with a penis ejaculates, they release semen – a milky white fluid that contains sperm. This usually accompanies an orgasm.

    Female/vaginal ejaculation/squirting isn’t as common as male ejaculation, and is often mistaken for orgasm by those who aren’t educated in it. Generally, female ejaculation does not happen at the same time as an orgasm and can occur at any point during sexual arousal. This is a release of fluids, rather than the contracting of muscles and releasing of endorphins that accompany orgasms.

    Female Ejaculation Versus Orgasm

    First, let’s get this straight: Female ejaculation – whether you’re doing it, or not doing it – is completely normal. Some women do it. Some women don’t. Both are totally fine. A good rule to live by is that if your body does it, it feels fine, and it has been doing it for a while – it’s probably normal.

    Penis havers are very likely to have their ejaculation and their orgasm at the same time. People with penises are used to their orgasm and ejaculation being the same thing, so they assume (wrongly) that it is the same for people with vagina’s too.

    That idea isn’t all wrong. Brown university states that 10% of people with a vagina do experience orgasm and ejaculation at the same time; but that means 90% don’t. The science here is disappointing because, well, there’s not much science about it. Science can clone animals but it still has not figured out women or their orgasms. Go figure.

    The bottom line is that female ejaculation and female orgasm are two different processes. While they both can happen at the same, many people have orgasms without squirting – and squirting without orgasm. Some people just have orgasms. Some people ejaculate without them. Some people ejaculate with them. It’s all normal. It’s normal to not experience a gushing orgasm – just as it’s normal not to get off from penetration alone. It’s all normal (and no, you’re not peeing)!

    Female Ejaculation vs Squirting

    So are squirting and female ejaculation are the same thing? Actually, they’re not. I’ve learned through my research that though we use female ejaculation as an umbrella term, it is actually a different fluid than squirting.

    Female ejaculation and squirting/gushing are two different phenomena. The organs and the mechanisms that produce them are bona fide different. The real female ejaculation is the release of a very scanty, thick, and whitish fluid from the female prostate, while the squirting is the expulsion of a diluted fluid from the urinary bladder.

    For a long time, female ejaculation was regarded as a myth, and even after confirming its existence, it was thought to be a release of urine from loose bladders. While the scientific community is still figuring out what exactly it is, we know that it’s not pee. 

    The general theory right now is that female ejaculate comes from the “Skene’s glands, which are located on the anterior (front) wall of the vagina around the lower end of the urethra.” During female ejaculation, it is assumed that the glands fill up and expel fluid into the urethra and then out of the body. Basically, female ejaculate is thought to be the same liquid as semen, but without the sperm. I didn’t find any studies with data on the odor of female ejaculate.


    Then we have squirting, or as it’s also known, gushing. This fluid is clear in appearance and is not thought to come from the Skenes glands. While little is understood about why this happens, we do understand that it comes from the bladder – but it’s a different chemical makeup than urine. If you wanna get technical, squirting is like peeing on your partner, except you’re not peeing urine.

    This is a thin, watery liquid, with little or no colour, or smell, and without apparent aspect of urine, aside from coming from the same place.  Berman says that typically women squirt out a teaspoon or a capful of fluid, yet, some women claim they squirt more than that. Some women can squirt over and over, and some just once. At any rate, remember, it’s ALL normal!

    What is Squirting Like?

    Personally, I have never noticed the fluid defined as “female ejaculate”, so I cannot express my experiences with it. I only have experience with squirting.

    For me, squirting just feels like a big release of pressure. I’d pretty much sum it up as the moment when you finally pee after needing to for a while. It’s a pleasant “Ahh” feeling. I would not, ever, describe it as an orgasm. While pleasant, it is nothing compared to the body-shaking, heart-beating-fast-for-five-minutes-after, orgasms I achieve through clit play. but remember, this could just be me! For me, it’s the opening of the vagina usually that makes me squirt. I have a low G-spot so, when aroused, rubbing the opening of my vagina can get me to cum, but not orgasm!

    Another experience: 

    In my experience, the only information I ever got about female ejaculation was that it is a glorious act and that it has its own section on adult websites.

    When I first found out I was a squirter I ignored the obvious signs. Why was the back of my hand wet? Did I let go of my bladder when I came? Lucky for me, (or maybe unlucky for me) I usually only squirt when I am intimate with myself, and not with partners. When I realized what was actually happening, and when it got to the point that I was changing my sheets every time I came I tried to do some research.

    What I found wasn’t much. After shuffling through several articles on “Myths about Squirting” and several how-to’s on the subject, there were very little facts. This is a problem. What I did find was that there is very little known about the composition of the ejaculate or where exactly it comes from.

    For me, I can only ejaculate with stimulation of the G-spot, located on the front (anterior) wall of the vagina. Depending on different positions, how much pressure is used, and the shape of the toy or body part all affects how powerful or how far I ejaculate. I haven’t quite figured out what determines how much ejaculate I have, which can be a little bit to what can make quite a puddle.

    Ejaculation feels very different than a vaginal orgasm. While a vaginal orgasm ends in a release of tension of many muscles, an orgasm where I ejaculate actually feels like there is a physical filling up, and almost a pleasurable pins and needles sensation on my G-spot, (along with the tension of many muscles), until I reach orgasm. At this point it feels like all of the tension is rushing out of my body with my ejaculate. There have been times where I have seen stars, become dizzy, and feel like there is no more energy left in my body.

    How do I Learn?

    For some women, it is possible, but for others, it’s not. Our bodies all function differently, and while scientists don’t know a lot about female ejaculation, we do know that when it comes to sexuality, there is not a lot of predictability and science to back it up. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try!

    Most women experience female ejaculation or squirting when stimulating the anterior (front) wall of the vagina – particularly the G-spot. Any type of stimulation can cause it, but most women experience it with a strong, targeted motion – like one that would come from thrusting a curved g-spot toy. However, everyone is different. Many women experience squirting from clitoral stimulation or anal. So it’s important to experiment and see what works for you. Try different speeds, motions, positions, and types of stimulation. Once you find out what makes you squirt, you can repeat it!

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    It was Friday afternoon and we had invited our friends Eddie and Marcy to come over for dinner. Eddie and Marcy has always been a free spirited open-minded couple, and they have never been shy about sharing all there many sexual adventures with Brian and I. 

    Brian and I have been married for ten years, and for the most parts we have had incredible sex, but we have never ventured too far outside of the conventional, a sex toy and some dirty talk is about the wildest we have gone.

    For the last few months, admittedly triggered by the stories Eddie and Marcy have shared with us, we have both been curious and have opened up conversations about experimenting a little bit with our sex life. We were not sure exactly what that meant, but I must admit, every time I have thought about getting fucked by two guys, are having another girl eat my pussy, my body has tingled with excitement. 

    Brian and I have been together since we were only twenty years old, I had boyfriends before him that I was sexually active with, but I knew I was his first so the thought of him being able to experience fucking someone else, got me turned on as well.

    After a few months of having conversations about foursomes, bisexual experiences and many other sexual fantasies, we decided to share with Eddie and Marcy what we have been talking about. 

    We met for lunch one afternoon and we told them all about our epiphany and how we would love to try something. Eddie was excited to hear, but insisted we took things slow and make sure whenever we did anything it was the right time.

    That week, both Brian and I felt it was the right time so we called Eddie and Marcy to come over for dinner on Friday. I think they knew exactly what that meant, because when they showed up to our house, they had way more party favours than they had ever brought to any one of our house parties. 

    Dinner was very interesting. Eddie has a very strong dominant personality so controlled the conversation for most of the hour, asking us questions about our expectations and our fantasies. He is about six feet five inches tall, built like a wrestler, and all I could think about was how big his dick must be. 

    Oh wait, I don’t need to think, Marcy has made it very clear that his dick his huge and how much every chick at the swinger clubs they go to, wants to fuck her man. Brian has an above average size cock, but from the size of Eddie and what Marcy has said, I am sure Eddie’s cock has to be close to ten inches. 

    Maybe tonight I will find out!

    Dinner was over and we moved to the living room to continue drinking and whatever would come next. Before long Marcy got up and suggested that the guys should give us massages. All of a sudden I got nervous and quickly without noticing chugged my entire glass of wine. I have never been naked in front of any other man but my husband since we got married. 

    Marcy took her clothes off, spread towels on the floor for both of us and then laid down. I nervously followed. Brian sat on my back and started massaging me, and before long I was completely relaxed and fully enjoying it.

     The guys asked us to turn over and lay on our backs. Now our boobs and pussy were fully exposed and available. Brian continued massaging me, now working on my inner thighs, when all of a sudden I felt another pair of hands on my boobs. It was Marcy. She reached over and massaged my boobs, while Eddie made his way down her belly button, now massaging her with his tongue. Then he made it all the way down to Marcy’s pussy, licking her and massaging her outer lips with his fingers. 

    My pussy was pulsating from watching. Marcy pulled me closer and started kissing me deeply. The guys both stopped and got up to get undressed, allowing us girls to go at it with each other. Naturally Marcy was more assertive and more comfortable. She took full control of me. She at on top of me with here petite tanned sexy body, then leaned over kissing my neck all the way down to my nipples. She made her way all down the center of my body until her mouth was on my pussy. I have never been eaten out by a girl before. Marcy was a pro, she buried her face in pussy and licked me so hard, I came all over her face.

     The boys watched the entire show and now it was their turn to takeover.!

    Eddie walked over towards me, and Marcy made her way to Brian. My pussy was still very sensitive when Eddie went down and started to lick me again. I tensed for a while until the sensitivity was gone and I was wet and ready to cum again. Eddie was still wearing his boxer shorts, which he now decided to stop and take off to reveal his monster cock. “OMFG!” I have never seen anything like that before. Marcy was not exaggerating. He was huge.

     Right beside us Marcy was sucking Brian’s very erect cock. Eddie crawled up to kiss me before he asked if I wanted to taste his cock in my mouth. I did not think I would be able to get half of it in but very timidly I nodded my head to indicate yes. He came around and placed his huge cock in my mouth. I grabbed it with both hands just out of pure fascination. 

    I took as much of Eddie’s cock as I could in my mouth. I could taste his pre-cum as I rolled my tongue around the tip. Eddie pulled out and bent me over. OMG! He is going to fuck me!! My pussy has never had anything that big inside of it. But for some reason it quivered with anticipation of his huge tool entering inside. 

    He rolled on what had to be a xxxl condom, and then slowly placed the head of his cock at the opening of my very wet pussy. He teased my pussy with the tip for about a full minute. Sliding it in and out making my pussy quiver and beg even more. I could feel my insides open up as Eddie forced his dick further and further in. Not an inch of room was left in my pussy.

     He fucked me with nice and deep strokes. As much as I could handle. I moaned and screamed and came all over his cock. Brian was right next to me; with Marcy’s leg spread open as he slammed her in the missionary position.

     Eddie suddenly motioned to Brian to come over. I thought they were going to switch and he wanted to give some attention to his wife. Then he asked me “have you ever had two dicks inside of you?” I could not even answer. 

    Eddie did not wait…. He started to lick my asshole and finger it, getting it ready for what I thought would be his cock. There was no way he would be able to get in. But then he stopped and said “Come Brian.” “Fuck her ass.” 

    Before Brian could start fucking me, Eddie placed me on top of him so he could get his cock inside my pussy while Brian was inside my ass. They both entered me and I swear I fainted for a few seconds.

    After a few warm up strokes Eddie and Brian was now slamming my ass and pussy simultaneously. I screamed and cummed and screamed and cummed again. Marcy came and stood in front of me, shoved her pussy in my face, maybe to get me to shut up. I continued moaning while I tried to lick her pussy, sticking one finger inside. I could hear Brian starting moan harder as his cock started swelling in my ass. I knew he was getting ready to cum!

    “Cum in my ass!” “Cum in my ass!” I screamed, as Brian blew is massive load inside of my while Eddie continued to ravage my pussy like his life depended on it. I tried my best to keep licking and fingering Marcy’s pussy but Eddie was pounding me so hard, it fell so fucking good, the only thing I could focus on was cumming again for the one hundredth time tonight. Minutes later it was Eddie’s turn. His monster grew even bigger as he came deep inside my pussy.

     As they both pulled out. I fell to the floor close to dead. With my legs shaking as if I just had something traumatic happen to me. Marcy came over to kiss my on my lips and asked if I was ok. 

    I nodded my head with what little energy I had left. I had just been fucked enough to last a month. Not sure when my holes will recover. But the minute they do I would love to do this again.

     We met with Marcy and Eddie days later to talk about our night. Everyone seems to have enjoyed the experience and I know it would definitely happen again. 

    After that night, Brian and I started checking out some online swingers dating sites, to hopefully meet more couples like Eddie and Marcy. We are going to our first house party next week.

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    While the swinging lifestyle may not work for every relationship, those who are fortunate enough to have tried swinging and it has worked for them, get to enjoy some amazing relationship benefits that comes from being a part of the swinging lifestyle. Contrary to what the non-lifestyle community may believe, many swinger couples seems to enjoy healthier stronger relationships that their vanilla peers. Aside from having sex with multiple people, there are some other great benefits of being in a swinging relationship. Here are five of those benefits.

    Constant And Open Communication

    Any couple that survives being in the swinging lifestyle is a couple that has learnt to constantly and openly communicate with each other. Especially as a newbie, being swingers will constantly challenge your relationship but once you learn to properly communicate with your partner it becomes very easy to navigate through those challenges until you get to the point where you are comfortable and enjoying the swinging lifestyle. Whether you are a swinger or not, communication is the cornerstone of every strong relationship, and if more couples learnt to communicate more frequently with each other, our divorce rate would be much lower.

    Higher Level Of Intimacy

    After the first three years of a relationship, the level of intimacy between partners is said to reduce by over fifty percent. That statistic does not apply to couples in the swinging community. The reason this happens to regular vanilla couples is due to the fact that their natural sexual desires are suppressed for so long, those desires eventually die to the point where getting stimulated becomes a chore. Sex is always at the forefront of a swinging relationship. Swingers get to share and live out their fantasy with their partners, keeping them constantly stimulated sexually, which helps to promote a higher level of intimacy with each other.

    A Great Social Life

    Our friend’s from Playboy Radio Mike and Holli said it best, “You come for the sex, you stay for the relationships.” It is called the “Lifestyle Community” for a reason. Many swinger couples have made their best life long friends since becoming a part of the lifestyle community. You will find that once you become a swinger, and you have gotten to meet a good group of people in the lifestyle, it is much harder to continue hanging out with your vanilla friends. It’s so much more fun and easier to spend time with your swinger friends, due to the fact that you can be more open and honest about who you truly are with your swinger friends, without worrying about being judged.

    Increased Self Confidence

    We tend to be too hard on ourselves especially when it comes to how we appear physically, and sometimes just hearing that you look great from your spouse alone isn’t enough. One of the most amazing things about being in the swinging community, is that you get to hear from others how beautiful and sexy you are, which inevitably helps to boost your self confidence. Everyone loves to feel desired, and that is something you will get a lot of being a swinger. This fact is especially noticeable amongst the females in the swinging community. After they haved passed the newbie phase and they have rekindled their sexuality, you get to witness a whole new person being born. It’s amazing how much more attractive a little bit of self-confidence can make you look.

    Restored Youthfulness

    When you stop having fun in life, the only thing left to do is get old. Having fun is the ultimate fountain of youth, and swingers get to have fun. So many people live their lives talking about how much fun they had in their twenties, or in college when they had the freedom to explore the world as the pleased. Swinger couples do not need to constantly live in the past because they get to recreate those fun moments every weekend if they so desire. This type of spontaneity and adventure that swingers get to enjoy, keeps them looking and feeling younger for longer, something every adult in this world covets.

    Become a swinger does not provide all the answers to a couples problems. As a matter of fact, if a couple is having problems with their relationship, swinging is definitely not the answer. However, for those who are open and brave enough to enter and survive the swinging lifestyle, they get to enjoy some great relationship benefits that many vanilla couples can.

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    Kully – a young Asian guy who's butt-naked, bar the cup of Ribena balanced strategically to cover his crotch – is really holding forth.

    "Woman have all the power in this world. They get the best employment, everything. I work in pharmaceuticals. You know how I got my last job? I waited outside the company premises every night on my girl days, dressed up as a woman. Then I got chatting to one of the gentlemen that works there. I told him that my boyfriend needed a job – my boyfriend was me, of course," he sighs. "Well, after I had pleasured him he was keen to offer me his number. The next day I called and arranged an interview. I attended, dressed as a man this time, and got the job! A three-month contract!"

    And he didn't twig that you were the same person as the girl who'd given him a blowjob, just wearing different clothes?

    "No, he never guessed. But there's no way I would have got that job if I hadn't met him as a girl first. The female is all-powerful in this society."

    It's a rainy Thursday night in Kennington, South London, and we're at Bi Bi Baby, which is billed online as "a monthly bisexual party event primarily for boys and girls who like boys and girls. But everyone's welcome provided they are bi, friendly and respectful to the people and the venue."

    The venue in question is The Locker Room, a gay sauna situated in a leafy, upmarket area of Kennington. Beyond a square of tall Georgian mansions and a rustic-looking pub, its bold monochrome sign and blacked-out windows are incongruous to say the least.

    Keen to document what a naked bisexual party might look like, imagining some bacchanalian orgy of decadence, I decide to pay a visit. The event is billed to start at 6.30PM – presumably to attract the after-work crowd – but I'm not able to get there until 9PM. When I arrive, I'm greeted by a friendly, naked bloke on reception who, despite his nipple ring, looks a little like a member of the cast of Brideshead Revisted. After I've paid the £20 entrance fee he hands me a black towel and asks if I've been before. When I tell him I haven't he buzzes me in and, in front of a group of seated guys, girls and trans-girls, most of them nude or wearing towels, gives me a rundown of where everything is. A chill-out space upstairs with sauna, steam room and darkrooms in the basement. I can't help feeling it's a bit like the start of one of those prison films where the rookie lag gets paraded around by the guard before being torn apart by the other cons.

    Not that Bi Bi Baby is in any way threatening. Quite the contrary: the atmosphere is chilled and friendly. What is disappointing is the male-female ratio. When I get there, precisely three women are in attendance, as well as two trans revellers. There are probably close to 20 guys. If this is meant to be a bisexual party, then either these numbers are seriously out of whack or the girls are going to be knackered by the end of the night. But perhaps I'm simply too late. Dave, the organiser, tells me that it was rammed at 7PM.

    It has been said – unfairly, and often by people who don't know any better – that bisexuals are greedy, wanting the best of both worlds. It seems they're impatient, too, wanting to get their rocks off and get out early.

    I sit down next to Dora, a heavyset woman in her late forties, who's watching a porn movie with Chantelle, a French trans girl in a latex dress.

    "Wow. That was unexpected," she says.

    On-screen, a woman with a bad 80s Bonnie Tyler perm has just revealed her massive penis.

    I ask Dora if she's been coming to clubs like this for long.

    "Oh yeah. I have a husband, a boyfriend and a girlfriend, and I like to supplement them, so it makes sense."

    How did she first get into the scene?

    "My husband got ill, so he can't really play any more. He gave me his blessing. Once a month I come here and then stay over with my boyfriend in Stoke Newington."

    "That's right. Drain me. That's a good boy. Empty that nutsack," he says, poetically, patting his companion's head.

    Downstairs, De'lacy's " Hideaway" and other bad 90s club music plays on a loop from tinny speakers. Blue light illuminates the gloom, which is otherwise almost impenetrable, what with all the steam. Naked people hang around in the labyrinthine subterranean passage, watching and waiting. There are condom wrappers everywhere. On a ledge outside the sauna there's a bottle of Dettol. I head into the steam room. Here, a middle-aged bear is getting pleasured by someone I can't make out, while a group of four others stand and watch.

    "That's right. Drain me. That's a good boy. Empty that nutsack," he says, poetically, patting his companion's head.

    In the sauna, Kully, who clearly likes to talk, is ranting on again to a crowd of semi-interested guys.

    "You have to learn how to be seductive as a girl," he explains. "There's an art to it. It's in how you talk, how you move. That's why, in India, there's a hierarchy among the shemales. So the older ones can teach the younger ones the Karma Sutra. Tell them how it works."

    All of this is fine, but I do wonder if the supposed bi ethos of the night has been lost in what seems like a fundamentally gay party. Apart from one attractive blonde woman with huge pendulous breasts who disappears quickly into one of the private rooms with her partner, I have yet to see any male-female action at all. Even Vern and Melissa – whoI'd met before at Club 487, the New Cross porn cinema, and are apparently well-known faces on the swinging circuit – seem to have done little more than wander around and chat.

    Dave, who's run the party for the last six years, first at its previous location in Romford and now here, is sanguine.

    "You've got to get in early," he says. "People like to come, do their business and leave. We get 90 in here sometimes."

    It's nearly 11PM, and finally a bisexual scene of the kind promised on the tin takes place, in a small alcove adjoining the chill-out area, beneath the gleaming light of an HD porn screen. A well-built black guy is having sex with Dora, who, in between taking another dude in her mouth, yelps in appreciation. Next to them Kully lays back to accommodate a good-looking Moroccan man, while others queue behind, fiddling impatiently with their condoms. Not to be excluded, Chantelle gives one of them a blowjob. I pour a coffee (hot drinks and orange juice are free) and stand watching for a while next to a Francis Bacon lookalike who, for whatever reason, has been excluded from the action. Dave turns and winks proudly. Finally, the party is really going off.

    "We have the news on sometimes," says the Brideshead guy as I'm leaving, indicating the omnipresent "shemale porn" that plays on the screen above his desk.

    Rather like working in a chocolate factory, non-stop boning must get a little much after a while, even for the most enthusiastic connoisseur. But judging by the grunts and groans that are still audible as I walk out into the cold, the revellers at Bi Bi Baby are far from finished this evening.

    All names have been changed to protect anonymity

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